Make your stay comfortable
Full service

To make your stay a little more luxurious and cozy than usual We offer carefully selected services.
We hope that you will enrich your trip by having a new experience.



  • Yukata (with Obi)
    The yukata used in high-class hotels

  • ReFa Facial Machine
    Three types are available: one for the eyes and mouth, one for the face line and décolleté, and one for the entire body.

  • Hair straightening iron/coater
    Hair irons used in beauty salons (curling, straightening)

  • Towel set
  • Iron
  • Luggage scale
  • Extension cord
  • Conversion plug
  • Charger
  • umbrella
  • Crib
  • Baby bath
  • Muslim set



The lobby on the first floor is designed as a homey living space that can be used in a variety of ways, from a little PC work to chatting, cooking and eating.
It is fully equipped with a BALMUDA microwave oven, steam toaster, induction stove and cooker, and tableware such as plates and chopsticks. You'll feel close to the staff and other guests, and you may even meet some great people on your journey.
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Paid rental items

Washing machine ¥ 200 (including detergent)

Dryer ¥ 100 (30 minutes)

Luggage delivery depends on size & weight