Hotel Imagine is 5 minutes walk away from Kyoto station. We are your second house in Kyoto.
Hotel Imagine has mixed nice points with…
[Ryokan = Japanese Tradition] × [Hotel = Luxury] × [Guest House = Home on your trip]

Unusual with a little more luxurious and stylish than daily life.
There are a lot of things like you wish you had in your home. Check it out!!

Why don’t you make your original awesome breakfast at Hotel Imagine?
Feel free to use good quality kitchen items!
There is a good taste tableware and champagne glass also.

A good day starts with a beautiful morning.

IMAGINE’S lobby is yours..
We are welcome to use our lobby when before check in and after check out or come see us anytime!

Let’s make a special anniversary!
We support birthday, anniversary, propose or honeymoon.
We will treasure your special day.

Tatami × Yogibo = Extreme relux
Wouldn't it be nice to have a space to lie down and relax other than bedspace?

What an awesome you can use a high quality hair dryer while traveling!
We will lend you some items you’ve wanted to try for beauty.
Let's set your hair with a REPRONIZER dryer, HAIRBEAURON curling iron & hair straightener.
There is a popular facial massager ‘Refa’